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Erin – Fremont Central Park

Summer has arrived and I got the opportunity to do a photo shoot with Erin. She is such a pretty and adorable girl. Enjoyed playing in the park and didn’t want to leave. =) However, she do not like being in the sand. =) Someone had to take her to the jungle gym without her […]

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It’s Mia!

It was beautiful Sunday afternoon on Father’s Day. Enjoyed some sun and BBQ. Got an opportunity to photo shoot adorable and cute Mia. She has so many expressions. heehee. Loves playing with her toys and also knowing where the camera is at too. =) So now the photos….

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Andrew and family

Andrew is the such a cute little trooper. He grew so fast since the last time I seen him. He didn’t even cry the entire night. Amazing! Must be good parenthood, Cindy and Martin. =) Got some time to shoot some photos of Andrew and his family while having a great evening of hot pot […]

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