Children Photography : Mia’s 1st Birthday

Such a beautiful day to celebrate Mia’s 1 year old birthday. Mia is so adorable and cute. With so many people around her she was not shy at all. Only fuss when she saw her mom, however she loves the attention. Everyone enjoyed the games that was put together by Mia’s proud parents, Regina and Gary — guessing Mia’s age during her 1 year growth by looking at photos and guessing her weight was not as easy as it seems. Also with all wonderful food provided, I am sure Mia’s enjoyed her 1 year birthday bash. Happy Birthday Mia!!

San Francisco,CA Photography Workshop : Mike Larson

It way long over due for not posting any photos lately. Trying to enjoy some of the summer lately, so have not been posting any photos. However, two weeks ago. I attended a 2 day intensive photography workshop by Mike Larson.

I learned a lot from the class and it was definitely worth the time. Also got to take the workshop with few of my photography buddies and meeting new ones as well. =) The class covered a wide range of topics, such as being who you are as photographer and finding your style; applying the techniques with some photo shooting 2 beautiful couples; critiquing each others work; running the business, and marketing. Here are some of the photos from day one’s photo shooting.